1z0-1041 Exam Sample Question Answers

An Oracle Analytics Cloud Associate is in charge of executing Oracle Analytics Cloud. They have the learning required to perform provisioning, manufacture dimensional demonstrating and make information perceptions. They can utilize Advanced Analytics capacities, make an AI model and arrange Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase.

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1z0-1041 Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

Which statement is false with respect to Dashboard Prompts?

A. Prompt values can be limited based on requirements.
B. Repository variables and session variables can be used in prompt default values.
C. Prompts can be developed using multiple columns from different subject areas.
D. Images can be used in the prompts.

Answer: A

Question No 2:

Which two statements are true regarding the source of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Analyses?

A. Analyses can be created from multiple subject areas as long as at least one metric Is Included from each, and the Dimensionality Flag is enabled.
B. Analyses can be created from multiple business models as long as they contain common, conformed dimensions.
C. Analyses cannot be created from multiple subject areas even though they contain common, conformed dimensions.
D. Analyses can be created with measures from multiple physical tables defined as sources in a single logical fact table.

Answer: C D

Question No 3:

In which two ways can you use Oracle Analytics Cloud to determine which values of a given data set may provide the greatest opportunity due to their stand out qualities?

A. Add an outlier visualization to your canvas. This will highlight data points that stand out and may Justify further investigation.
B. Modify the color palette to highlight unique values.
C. Use a combination of Max / Min value reference lines.
D. Create a box plot visualization of your data set.

Answer: C D

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