1z0-1041 Exam Sample Question Answers

An Oracle Analytics Cloud Associate is in charge of executing Oracle Analytics Cloud. They have the learning required to perform provisioning, manufacture dimensional demonstrating and make information perceptions. They can utilize Advanced Analytics capacities, make an AI model and arrange Oracle Analytics Cloud Essbase.

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1z0-1041 Sample Questions Answers:

Question No 1:

Which statement is false with respect to Dashboard Prompts?

A. Prompt values can be limited based on requirements.
B. Repository variables and session variables can be used in prompt default values.
C. Prompts can be developed using multiple columns from different subject areas.
D. Images can be used in the prompts.

Answer: A

Question No 2:

Which two statements are true regarding the source of Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Analyses?

A. Analyses can be created from multiple subject areas as long as at least one metric Is Included from each, and the Dimensionality Flag is enabled.
B. Analyses can be created from multiple business models as long as they contain common, conformed dimensions.
C. Analyses cannot be created from multiple subject areas even though they contain common, conformed dimensions.
D. Analyses can be created with measures from multiple physical tables defined as sources in a single logical fact table.

Answer: C D

Question No 3:

In which two ways can you use Oracle Analytics Cloud to determine which values of a given data set may provide the greatest opportunity due to their stand out qualities?

A. Add an outlier visualization to your canvas. This will highlight data points that stand out and may Justify further investigation.
B. Modify the color palette to highlight unique values.
C. Use a combination of Max / Min value reference lines.
D. Create a box plot visualization of your data set.

Answer: C D

Microsoft should make each window 10 H2 discharge like 19H2

Not long ago, Microsoft at long last declared its arrangements for Windows 10 19H2. The declaration was somewhat critical on the grounds that 19H2 is not normal for past Windows 10 highlight updates in that it’s scarcely an element update by any means. Rather, without precedent for Windows 10’s history, Microsoft has selected to make 19H2 an administration style update that spotlights on quality enhancements to the current 19H1 discharge, rather than being an out and out new form of Windows 10.

This is a major ordeal, since this is definitely what individuals have been requesting with regards to the Windows 10 update cycle. Many concur that two noteworthy component refreshes a year is a lot for Microsoft to stay aware of. They would prefer to have a tick-tock cycle where one update is a major ocean change, and the other is a littler update that spotlights on personal satisfaction enhancements. That is actually what’s going on this year with 19H1 and 19H2, with the H1 discharge being the huge one, and the H2 discharge being the little one.

This is the way all H2 updates ought to go ahead

Microsoft hasn’t affirmed if this will be the means by which Microsoft handles highlight updates going ahead, however I figure it ought to be. There’s actually no drawback to making the H2 discharges littler administration style refreshes that sit over the H1 arrivals of the year. It’s useful for shoppers, organizations, and Microsoft’s notoriety. It additionally makes refreshing from the H1 discharges to the H2 arrivals of a given year snappier for a great many people, as the update framework utilized is the overhauling one rather than the slower OS redesign framework.

The H2 discharges are additionally bolstered for any longer; as long as 30 months for ventures. This implies most organizations are as of now selecting to skip H1 refreshes and go directly to the H2 discharges where conceivable. Promoting the H2 discharges as the ones where things are increasingly cleaned possibly improves the probability of individuals refreshing to it when it’s made accessible. It urges individuals to keep awake to date, however just when a H2 discharge is prepared to go.

I understand this disheartens individuals from refreshing to the H1 arrival of the year, however I don’t feel that is an awful thing. The individuals who need access to recently endorsed highlights are allowed to refresh to the H1 discharges, making the H2 refreshes something for the individuals who want to have new highlights somewhat more heated. The individuals who decide not to move up to any new updates will be compelled to refresh to the most recent accessible discharge once their present variant of Windows 10 comes up short on help. On the off chance that that is a H1 discharge, at that point so be it.

Microsoft’s following stage toward grasping Android: Adding application support?

In the course of recent years, Microsoft has gotten straight to the point regarding its choice to construct applications for Android and iOS. Microsoft offers Your Phone, an application that is intended to all the more firmly attach Android and to an a lot lesser degree, iPhones, to Windows 10. The Redmondians even gave an official gift to Windows Phone clients as of late to move to Android and iOS.

That is not the finish of Microsoft’s Android grasp, notwithstanding. It seems as though Microsoft is thinking about empowering Android applications to keep running on a portion of its future Windows gadgets. A Forbes report, refering to iHS Markit, which tracks inventory network measurements, claims Android applications will deal with Microsoft’s double screen Centaurus PCs.
I’ve made a few inquiries a bit, and furthermore hear that Microsoft is in any event thinking about this situation. On Intel-based Centaurus double screen gadgets shipping with the still-informally reported Windows Lite Chrome OS contender, Microsoft may incorporate help for Android applications in an Android application store. On the off chance that and when Microsoft likewise discharges ARM-based double screen gadgets, Android applications in an Android store might be a piece of the situation, as well, my contacts state.

Microsoft has had some essential achievement in getting its own applications to prevail on Android. Microsoft’s Android applications like Launcher and Outlook. Microsoft as of now has more than 150 applications from different groups in the Google Play Store, as Microsoft architects taking a shot at Android as of late blogged. Of these, five have in excess of 500 million downloads.
The opposite side of the condition – how to get outsider Android applications on Windows – has demonstrated trickier for Microsoft. It wasn’t that some time in the past that Microsoft quickly permitted Android applications to be ported to Windows 10 utilizing the Microsoft-created Android connect codenamed Astoria. Microsoft wound up dropping the Astoria connect in 2016, asserting that its iOS extension would empower a similar rundown of applications to be ported to Windows 10. Microsoft’s iOS extension is essentially dead and hasn’t been refreshed or showcased in over a year.

Tipsters guaranteed the genuine reason Microsoft nixed its Android extension was on the grounds that it worked excessively well. In the event that it was insignificant to get Android applications to keep running on Windows 10, and clients needed and required Android applications – not Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications – for what reason was Windows 10 extremely fundamental by any means?

Thus, after three years, Microsoft is gazing over the Android void once more. Be that as it may, this time, the general population in control appear to have faith so as to rival Chromebooks, Microsoft needs something other than UWP and Win32 applications; they need outsider Android applications on Windows 10. What’s more, the Microsoft powers-that-be currently appear to be progressively terrified of losing mind share with more youthful and portable clients than they do of losing piece of the overall industry for Windows.

In the event that Microsoft plans to attempt to fabricate its very own Android store and persuade engineers to help populate it, I’m unable to see this move succeeding. My ZDNet partner Jason Perlow, then again, thinks Microsoft could present a defense with Android OEMs for completely sans google Android gadgets and that it could basically add backing to its current Microsoft Store for bundling and introducing Android applications. (Given how Microsoft has slackened its meaning of what can be viewed as a Microsoft Store application, possibly it’s consistent to think Android applications could be added to the blend.)

As Google keeps on experiencing harsh criticism over protection and antitrust issues, Microsoft executives may think they have the opening they have to swoop in and be an Android steward. Old clocks like me will recollect the old “embrace,extend, quench” days at Microsoft. As much as Microsoft executives may accept they’re in a decent position to grasp and broaden Android, ideally they aren’t of the misled conclusion that they additionally can quench the present Android stage by prying it from Google. In any case, such a procedure may make Microsoft organizer Bill Gates glad, given he as of late said he thought about Microsoft’s misfortune to Android in the versatile space to be his most noticeably awful error – dislodging his previous expressed most noticeably terrible item botch (WinFS).

What do you think, perusers? Will Microsoft venture to such an extreme as to add support for Android applications to its cutting edge Surface Centaurus gadgets? Will it attempt to go considerably further and make a different Microsoft Android stage? Nowadays, you can never say never. There’s a Microsoft-manufactured Linux piece in Windows 10 currently, so nothing’s truly off the table

AZ-500 Exam Sample Questions Answers

Candidates for this exam are Microsoft Azure security engineers who implement security controls, maintain the security posture, manages identity and access, and protects data, applications, and networks. Candidates identify and remediate vulnerabilities by using a variety of security tools, implements threat protection, and responds to security incident escalations. As a Microsoft Azure security engineer, candidates often serve as part of a larger team dedicated to cloud-based management and security and may also secure hybrid environments as part of an end-to-end infrastructure.

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Question No 1:

You need to ensure that you can meet the security operations requirements.
What should you do first?

A. Turn on Auto Provisioning in Security Center.
B. Integrate Security Center and Microsoft Cloud App Security.
C. Upgrade the pricing tier of Security Center to Standard.
D. Modify the Security Center workspace configuration.

Answer: C

Question No 2:

You need to meet the identity and access requirements for Group1.
What should you do?

A. Add a membership rule to Group1.
B. Delete Group1. Create a new group named Group1 that has a membership type of Office 365. Add users and devices to the group.
C. Modify the membership rule of Group1.
D. Change the membership type of Group1 to Assigned. Create two groups that have dynamic memberships. Add the new groups to Group1.

Answer: B

Question No 3:

You need to ensure that users can access VM0. The solution must meet the platform protection requirements. What should you do?

A. Move VM0 to Subnet1.
B. On Firewall, configure a network traffic filtering rule.
C. Assign RT1 to AzureFirewallSubnet.
D. On Firewall, configure a DNAT rule.

Answer: A

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What Motivates Students To Succeed In College?

In college, each student is motivated to succeed by a combination of things. That’s why it makes sense for students to discover and utilize the motivators that effectively push them forward, toward their most important goals. Here are some of the motivators that help students find success. C1000-003 Practice Test Questions Answers

1. Self-Realization – College is a time when students can discover, become and experience the person they want to be. When they are motivated in this way, they will find college to be a fun and exciting time, a time when they can explore a variety of courses, join interesting clubs, participate in campus activities, meet interesting people, explore their capabilities and identify their passions. As they begin to learn and grow, they will be motivated to push those limits and find the person who resides inside.

2. Personal Satisfaction – Some students take pride in facing the challenges of college and coming through it all having done well. They are motivated internally and get a great deal of personal satisfaction from doing a good job.

3. Challenge – There are students are motivated by a challenge. They see college as a big challenge, one that requires them to fight for success. Students who have the personality, operating style and self-confidence to face and overcome challenges will do well in this environment because they won’t allow themselves to fail.

4. Fear – For some students, fear is a good motivator. These students do well in college because they don’t want to lose their scholarships, don’t want graduate without a job, don’t want to fail out and still have large loan repayments and don’t want to anger or embarrass their families.

5. Joy of Learning – Some students truly love the college environment. They enjoy learning and devour information on subjects that turn them on. They strive to become knowledge experts, thought leaders and information repositories. The need for information motivates them.

6. A Clear Purpose – When students head off to college with a clear and single-minded purpose, they are usually motivated to do well. They see college as a means to an end, one that is important to them. On the other hand, students who enter college with no clear purpose in mind are less likely to perform well. They don’t place a high value on a college education because they don’t see how a college education will help them get where they want to go. It serves no purpose for them.

7. Approval – Many students seek and are motivated by praise, encouragement and recognition for good work. When students are good at something and achieve exceptional results, their status in that environment goes up. When people compliment them, point them out as examples and look up to them, they shine. C1000-003 IBM braindumps

8. Life Goals – Students frequently see their college education as a launching pad to their futures. A good education can lead to a good job, money, security and all of the trappings of success. They are motivated to do well because college will help them build a better future.

9. Aid Others – Some students are motivated by the need to help others. To reach their goal, they must perform well in college. A college education will to enable them fulfill their dream of serving others. They know that nurses, teachers, caregivers, counselors and other helpers can only get started with a good education.

Everyone is motivated by something. In fact, most college students are motivated by a combination of factors. Therefore, wise students recognize and utilize their own personal motivators. They understand that motivated students will always perform at a higher level than students who are unmotivated and uninspired. Marks4sure’ IBM C1000-003 practice test questions answers

Investment Ideas For College Students

You have heard it from Mom and Dad all of your life right? Go to high school, get good grades so you can get into a stellar college. Mom and Dad are not that far off base. They both know the value of a college degree. With a college education and degree, your chances of getting a higher paying job are increased and you can earn around $17,500 or more per year that your peers who only have a high school diploma. Now, that might not sound like a lot of money but, that is the average, in many cases it is higher. Time and time again, if you talk to a person who has taken the time to earn their degree, they will tell you without a doubt that they do not regret getting the college education. Most people agree that it is worth the effort to get the college education. What everyone forgets to tell you is how much that college education is going to cost per year. Many people already know that the cost of an education is costly, but, still many people do not understand the figures involved in getting a degree. The average cost to go to a private university is around $48,000. However, upon further research we soon see that $48,000 is a low number. This figure is for a university that might be located a hop, skip and a jump away from the high school that you graduated from.

If you want to go to a top college, with a little more opportunity for advancement, that will cost way over the $60,000 a year mark. That figure of sixty thousand dollars per year does not include other things that are needed for college life. Things like living off campus, some learning materials, food, personal and transportation expenses, entertainment and more are not included in that cost. Now, before you give up on a college education because of the sticker shock price, please remember that there are a number of ways to pay for all these college related expenses. One nice thing about going to college is that most of the students qualify for student loans. Yes, there are places that will loan the student money to help with their education. The down side to this is, regardless of how much the student is able to borrow, it will not be enough to cover everything and they will still be paying off the loan long after they have graduated. Can you imagine paying off a loan years after you have graduated? The fact is, many university students suffer to pay the bills long into their working years.

The cost of living in a university town is another thing to give some thought to. Let’s say you or someone you know, wanted to go to the University of California, the cost of living there could be higher or lower than another university, like, the University of Michigan. So, the big question is: How do people get and pay for a college education and manage stress at the same time? It is a fact that many college students struggle to make ends meet. The average college student attends classes, stays up all night doing their school work and cramming for that examination that they hope they will pass. If that stress was not enough for them, they also worry over the mounting cost of education. As a result of financial issues, they often look to a well off or at least better than they are, father figure to help them with their tuition money and even repaying their loans.

Most people agree it feels great to be able to give back to these college students and take away some of their financial pain. Guardians and mentors can be very helpful. These university students often make arrangements to provide their guardian/mentor with an in-site into their personal life.

There are so many things that a college student go without simply because they cannot find the money to purchase them. Often the issues these college students are dealing with are more than money too, some of them have daddy issues and need the comfort of an older man to talk to and get advice from. Therapy can come in many forms and often starts with open conversations. Getting these college aged students to open up is easy once you show them that someone like you cares about their needs.

These university students are trying their best to get good grades and get the skills they need to enrich the society in which we all live, work and play. With this enormous amount of pressure and stress comes the need to leave off a little steam and have some fun.

Often these students are stuck at their dorm or living area for days on end. There is no telling how helping to touch their lives through some financial support and these life changing therapy sessions.

There are many university aged students who are seeking arrangements that are rewarding and beneficial for both parties. An upfront and honest arrangement is something that can be hard to find in today’s world, however it is easy to find an arrangement when you redefine the expectations. Let’s face it, everyone has hardships and they often put an university student in a rough spot because they don’t always have someone they can talk to.

According to several scientific studies over the years, self esteem has a lot to do with how the brain works and how students learn. As we look at the many teaching methods, it is easy to see that praise is often giving freely to university students because it builds up their confidence. We can all agree that building a university student’s confidence is important in today’s fast paced world.

Can you picture the struggles and other personal issues? Put yourself in the shoes of a university student who is struggling to get by, burdened with all of these pressing issues. Who would you turn to? You would most likely do what every university student does, turn to a father figure who has the ability to help you out. It is a great privilege to be able to help another person. It makes the person who is helping feel empowered just as much as it helps to build the self esteem and reduce stress on the college student.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Choose To Go To College

Life is about opportunities and options. The more opportunities you create for yourself in life, the more options you’ll have at any given point in time. Gaining control of your options and opportunities is the key to personal and professional success. Simply put, if you want to become master of your own destiny, then you need to go to college.

Here are the top five Reasons why should choose to go to college:

1. The undergraduate degree is the new high school diploma 
There was once a time when college was entirely optional. Even today, smart, hard working people can develop excellent careers and stable lives without the aid of a university education. College is by no means mandatory, but when you’re ready to start building a career for yourself, you will increasingly discover that a college degree is a prerequisite for many entry-level employment opportunities.

Companies and organizations want to hire employees who illustrate commitment and perseverance. A college degree will show your future employer that you’re dedicated to achieving your goals in life. Whether it’s justified or not, a job applicant with a degree is going to be more valuable to an organization than an applicant who chose to forgo college. If you want to possess marketable job skills, higher wages and the stigma of being smart and qualified, then choosing college is the way to go.

2. College will satisfy and expand your curiosity 
If you possess a general curiosity about how and why the world works the way it does, then you owe it to yourself to attend college. Education is a personal project. If you want to develop your mental faculties and increase your knowledge base, then you have to college. If you feel that you’ve learned all you possibly can in high school, if you think that there’s nothing else that you need to absorb, then don’t go to college. If you have a passion for improved understanding, then college is mandatory.

3. College is a process of continual maturation 
College is freedom. When you attend college, you are free to live on your own, according to your own priorities. As you carve out your own custom tailored living and learning experience, you can’t help but grow as a person. College is a time for self-improvement and development, so if you want to grow and mature as an individual, college is the perfect playground for self-progress.

4. College is all about networking 
In college, you have the unique ability to create life-long associations in a structured environment. Networking is important, but it can also be difficult. If you want to build relations with students and faculty members, you have to put forth effort. Unlike the real world, in college, it’s easy to combine your individual interests with supportive allies who subscribe to those same interests. Take advantage of this environment and build up relationships that will help you in the future.

5. College exposes you to things you would not normally experience 
When you set about choosing your path through life, it’s important to remember that finding yourself is as much a process of elimination as it is a process of discovery. Just as you seek out interests and identities, you need to rule out certain life-options and mental frameworks that you do not agree with. College exposes you to new risks, rewards, people, places, ideas, lifestyles, eating habits and career choices. Exposure is critical. You can’t form a genuine opinion on something if you’ve never been exposed to it.

College is a place for you to improve yourself, to satiate your curiosities, to mature, to network, and to be exposed to new things. College is an important, irreplaceable experience in life. Going to college is highly recommended.